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Testimonial from Wakefield Brewster – Calgary, Alberta

Posted on Feb 18 by

Long Distance Reiki Experience with Carmel Davieau – Testimonial  In the beginning of the session, I did my best to push all distractions to the outskirts of my room, mind, body and soul. I lay on my well-pressed bed, clean and smoothed bedclothes, closed my eyes and began to relax every fiber in my being. I did not know what to expect, but due to my recent experiences with a very close associate who is heavily involved with energies, the exchanging of such energies, spirituality and shamanism, I believe that I got myself to a place of both openness and grounding without difficulty or anxiety. I slowed my breathing down and without forcing, I kept images out of my mind. I simply concentrated of lowering my heart rate, breathing slowly to the bottom of my lungs and allowing every single muscle to relax. Then – things began to happen. I began to feel tingling sensations. They began on the right side of my body first, my head, then through my chest and core area and finally down to the...